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Family gardens provide a varied and attractive environment for all kinds of activites.

A little about BA Garden Design

BA Garden Design is a friendly, small business focused on providing good, personalised garden design in the Peak District (and beyond), as well as a range of garden services to complement my garden design.

I’m one of those annoying career-changers you sometimes meet – you know, the guy who dumped a well-paid job to do something he actually enjoys! I switched a career in satellite mapping for a life of plants, gardens and precarious self-employment.

I’ve found a way of linking my interests in gardens, plants, wildlife, soils, conservation and design such that I’m now a much happier person!

(You can see my career path on LinkedIn if you wish.)
I’ve been running my business since 2002, offering garden design and planting services, as well as modest hard-landscaping projects. For larger projects I’ve built up a good track-record with a local, very experienced landscaper.

My approach to laying out and planting a new garden is to try to work with the terrain and the existing landscape to create places that ‘fit’. I prefer to avoid major earthworks if possible (but sometimes it’s unavoidable); and to choose plants that suit the locality.

My thinking has a lot in common with the permaculture principles of design – working with nature rather than against it, thereby making the most of a site’s attributes. Making the least change for the greatest possible effect. This can translate into cost savings for my customers, too!

Aside from work, I’m involved with my local Transition town (the ‘transition’ is from a fossil-fuel dependent civilisation to a lower-impact culture and economy). Here are some links to our activities…

Serpentine Community Farm:

Community Orchard: Link to location map

I’ve also been volunteering with the Big Energy Saving Network, to help vulnerable households reduce their energy bills and consumption.

‘BAGD’ is a small business, and not VAT registered — so you pay no VAT for my services! The price I quote is the amount you pay.

Every garden is different. So, rather than have a rigid pricing scale I cost all work individually. This way you know you’re only paying for what you need.