Family gardens can be a great addition to the home, and an excellent environment for all kinds of activities

Family Gardens

Family gardens are an important extension to the home.  The need to be a multi-functional environment — robust enough to survive children at play, as well as providing a varied and attractive environment for all the family to enjoy throughout the year – whenever the weather allows.

Gardens are a wonderful way of connecting children with nature — building their appreciation through watching wildlife, and growing flowers, vegetables and fruit. A well-designed family garden will attract wildlife, provide a safe environment for boisterous play, and be an attractive space for grown-ups to enjoy.

There’s a growing number of facilities available to increase the functionality of family gardens, such as summer houses, hot tubs, barbeques, garden furniture, swings, slides and climbing frames, etc., all of which may have to be incorporated sensitively into the design of the family garden. BA Garden Design has the experience to create the perfect family garden for your needs.