Reshaping the terrain and creating proportionate areas of hard surface - garden lanscaping - can be critical in making a garden work. BA Garden Design, Peak District

Garden Landscaping

Reshaping the terrain, and creating proportionate areas of hard surface — garden landscaping — can be critical in making a garden ‘work’. I try where possible to minimise at the design stage the amount of excavation needed, but where that’s not possible I tend to call in the services of other local experienced landscapers and builders I can trust.

More often, smaller areas of paving or loose surfacing material can be used to improve accessibility and create routes around a garden, and I undertake these personally. Paths and patio areas can define the way a garden is used, and they allow gardeners/children/lazy moochers to discover wildlife, earth and fresh air.

Most of my work is in and around the Peak District, an area that boasts some of the country’s most beautiful and varied landscapes. Great for visitors to enjoy, but sometimes a real challenge for the garden designer.Sometimes garden landscaping is necessary to make practical use of difficult spaces and terrain. I work sympathetically with the local environment, creating spaces that enhance natural features.

I use a number of local suppliers for materials, and I often bill for them at cost price (i.e. no exploitative mark-up), so you can be assured that the invoice at the end of the work is a fair one.