Wildlife gardens are a speciality of BA Garden Design based in Buxton, Derbyshire

Wildlife Gardens

I’m particularly interested in taking a sustainable approach in my garden designs — encouraging wildlife through the choice of plants; relating gardens to their surroundings; using rain-porous surfaces where practicable; working with the site conditions rather than fighting them. Always aiming to combine practicality with beauty.

Any outside space can be a wildlife haven, from a large mixed space, to the roof of a shed or tool-store, even a ledge. Common species which we take for granted are declining, including sparrows, song thrushes, hedgehogs, and insects such as stag beetles. Replacing a wooden fence with a hedge creates a green, living boundary that will attract a wide range of wildlife. A pond provides an attractive garden features, as well as a home for newts, frogs, pond skaters and dragonflies. An important part of a wildlife garden design is the choice of plants — choosing those suited to complement the local wildlife.

A wildlife garden doesn’t have to be large. Why have a boring grey roof on your shed, log or tool store, when you can have a living roof that attracts insects, which in turn attracts birds. There’s so much you can do that will enhance the pleasure you get from your garden, while creating real benefits for nature.