bluebells to illustrate March gardening tips by BA Garden Design in Buxton

Get sowing!

Here are a few gardening tips for March: Pick a dry day and tackle rampant wall climbers such as Virginia creeper or ivy. Do it before birds start to nest again.

Cardboard loo roll tubes are useful for starting runner beans off – start collecting them if you haven’t already! Larger plants can stand up to the effects of slug damage a little better.

Plant your ‘in-the-green’ and summer-flowering bulbs. Try growing Galtonia in damper soil, or Nectaroscordum where it’s drier.

Plant shallots, onion sets and early potatoes.

Cut back dogwoods and willows grown for their colourful winter bark now to give them time to regrow over the summer. Use sharp loppers or secateurs to prune all stems to 8-10cm.

Perennials in the border benefit from being split every few years – Lift and chop them into smaller pieces with a sharp spade or old bread knife; or prise clumps apart with a pair of forks back to back. Spare plants are always welcomed by school fund-raisers or charities – just be sure not to include any sneaky invasive weeds.