Family gardens are a great environment for all the family

Family Garden

Children and adults use gardens very differently. This narrow garden in Youlgrave is now set up to give both some space to enjoy the outdoors.

Previously an unkempt expanse of limestone chippings reached via a set of uneven stone steps, this family garden now comprises a soft lawn for the kids and a picnic arbour for the grown-ups.

The lower yard has been extended into a sensible usable area by removing some broad uneven steps. The change in levels is now managed via a single flight of safer steps, flanked by rebuilt limestone retaining walls. And the drop from the lawn is guarded by a handsome post and rope barrier.

The old chippings were re-used in the footings of the patio area, which is large enough for a family-sized table and chairs. The existing hawthorn hedge has had a haircut to let in more light and make more space, and at the end of the garden I’ve built a small pergola. This is intended to eventually support some climbing plants to detract the eye from a neighbour’s unfortunate old shed. Larger shrubs (Elaeagnus ebbingei and hazel) in the end border will in time conceal this.

I have included lots of herbs in this garden – thyme and marjoram all round the patio; chives, rosemary and more marjoram under the post and rope. I’m confident that this is now a much safer and more enticing place for adults and children alike! A garden for all the family to enjoy.

family garden in Buxton before garden redesign by BA Garden Design

The garden before work started.

The Garden Design for Family garden in Buxton, Derbyshire

The plan for a family garden.

Raised bed of sleepers in the family garden in Buxton, Derbyshire

The family garden after completion.

Hebe & scabious border for a friendly family garden

A floral border adds an attractive feature to this family garden.

Plenty of patio play and seating space for the family, Buxton, Derbyshire.

Plenty of patio space for the family.