Project Description

A living roof can be created on sheds, outhouses, log stores, even bird boxes, contact BA Garden Design for details.

Green Roofs

Green Roofs can be added to sheds, garages, out-houses & homes (even bird-boxes!). I’d love to do more of these – so please get in touch to discuss!

10 GOOD REASONS to install a Living Roof:

  • Create an exciting and engaging feature in your garden;
  • Help keep buildings cool in summer, by evapotranspiration and insulation;
  • Provide food & niches for invertebrates, including bees & butterflies – so encouraging other wildlife;
  • Grow & support rare native flora (eg Viper’s bugloss, Deptford Pink) threatened by intensive agriculture practices;
  • Utilise brick & concrete waste, diverting it from landfill;
  • Reduce direct rainfall runoff, helping to reduce flood risk;
  • Brighten up boring roofs;
  • Replace roofing felt with a low maintenance, long-lasting waterproof membrane;
  • Make a clear & visible statement about your commitment to sustainable living and business;
  • Extend your garden to new frontiers!
Peat-free plugs newly planted in the living roof of a garden shed

Peat-free plugs newly planted

Native wildflowers on the living roof, and old birch poles from the garden, adding a valued habitat for invertebrates

Native wildflowers on the roof, with old birch poles to add habitat for invertebrates

Sedum and thyme established in the living roof of a garden shed

Sedum and thyme established

Scabious growing on the living roof of a garden shed

Scabious growing in the living roof

Mixed flora growing on the living roof of a garden shed

Much more than a just a boring sedum mat!

Native wallflower - Cheiranthus cheiri - attracting wildlife on the living roof of a garden shed

Native wallflower, Cheiranthus cheiri, attracting wildlife